Embassy of Pakistan
Ambassador Aftab Khokher Holds Monthly E-Kachehri

Ambassador Aftab Ahmad Khokher, held an E-Kachehri today. He appraised the community members about efforts of the Government of Pakistan for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood affectees. He shared a list of items that are urgently required for flood victims including shelter and tents for people and livestock, food items and health support.

He also briefed the community on the Embassy’s outreach to gather assistance for flood affectees, including his contacts with Austrian government agencies, NGOs, and other philanthropic organizations. The Ambassador announced a community meeting that will be held on Saturday, September 03, 2022, to further coordinate relief and rehabilitation efforts of our diaspora for flood victims in Pakistan.

The community members expressed solidarity with flood affectees and appreciated embassy’s efforts. They also shared their issues with the Ambassador on which instructions were issued for timely resolution.


30 August 2022

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