Embassy of Pakistan Hosts Monthly E-Kachehri Meeting in Vienna, - 23 February 2024

Vienna, 23rd February 2024:  Today, the Embassy of Pakistan in Vienna convened its monthly E-Kachehri meeting, continuing its regular outreach to connect with the community in Austria and Slovakia. This regular engagement provides a vital platform for the Embassy to update the community on key initiatives and developments, fostering an interactive channel of communication.

Addressing participants, Ambassador Aftab Khokher extended a warm welcome and highlighted the underutilized Digital Power of Attorney portal, launched in March 2023. He urged the community to assist in spreading awareness, particularly for those facing challenges in physically visiting the Embassy.

Ambassador Khokher provided insights into a software application being developed for the renunciation of Pakistani nationality. This digital platform will streamline the renunciation process with a user-friendly, step-by-step filing system. Addressing feedback on biometric issues related to NICOP and POC renewal, the Ambassador assured the community that relevant authorities are actively working to promptly resolve the matter.

In terms of Apostille documents, Ambassador Khokher updated the community on the recent promulgation of the Apostille Act. Ongoing efforts are directed towards the development of a dedicated software portal to facilitate the processing and issuance of Apostille documents. The issuance of Apostille documents is expected to be launched in the first week of April 2024.

In addition, Ambassador Khokher informed the participants about the inauguration of a new Camp Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gujrat. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility to consular services for the local population.

The community members commended Ambassador Khokher for his informative update on matters of Consular services. They raised questions about renunciation of nationality, delay in delivery of passport, and inquiries related to the first MRP. The Ambassador promptly replied and issued instructions for their early resolutions.

In the end, Ambassador Khokher thanked the community for their active participation, reiterating the Embassy’s unwavering commitment to providing quality services and maintaining transparent and effective communication channels for all community members.



23 February 2024


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